Everything Under The Sun PR & More

The "Everything" Approach-"Images" with Impact

Everything Under the Sun has a proven approach to handling that most precious of business of assets-your image. Our method has 3 stages: Focus Strategy, Publicity Development, and Moving with Purpose.


During this initial phase, a) we determine the client(s) need(s), b) we assemble a profile based on the information the client determines to be vital, and c) using our market research techniques, we investigate the target audience and determine what the best approach should be. During this time, budget considerations will be assessed and funds allocated. 


In this phase, we prepare and produce biographies, press releases, and photos make initial contacts with our media sources, all the while keeping our clients fully briefed as to whatever participation may be needed from them to maximize the process.  


Executing promotional and public relations campaign in support of developed marketing strategies including: a) coordinating distribution of press packages, b) personal supervision of all media appearances (radio, t.v., print interviews) and c) liaison with the public, should informational statements or reactions to general media inquiry be needed.